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About Charis Mental Health Plus Integrative Care

Psychiatry & Alternative Medicine located in Virginia Beach, VA

Charis Mental Health Plus Integrative Care in Virginia Beach, Virginia, provides personalized psychiatric support and alternative medicine therapies to people seeking holistic mental health and wellness care. Owned and led by La Keisha Keneti, DNP, FNP-C, PMH-BC, the practice focuses on relieving symptoms of various mental health disorders while recognizing the profound impact of overall health on mental fortitude. 

Dr. Keneti has over 17 years of health care experience. She earned a doctoral degree in nursing from Chamberlain College of Nursing, a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Cincinnati, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Norfolk State University. 

At Charis Mental Health Plus Integrative Care, Dr. Keneti and the team offer innovative services to enhance mental and physical well-being. The practice embraces a whole-body approach that extends beyond traditional psychiatric services, providing a range of comprehensive wellness solutions, like men’s and women’s health care, pharmacogenetic testing, and mental health disability evaluations.

With an emphasis on improving well-being, self-esteem, and sexual health, the practice offers personalized support for weight loss, wellness testing, and alternative medicine therapies to optimize overall health and vitality.

Providing compassionate mental health care is the backbone of Charis Mental Health Plus Integrative Care. Dr. Keneti and the team manage a wide range of mental health conditions, including mood disorders, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

With exceptional care, personalized attention, and a supportive environment, the practice is committed to helping every patient thrive. Experience compassionate and comprehensive care at Charis Mental Health Plus Integrative Care. Call the office or use the online booking tool to request a consultation today.

Our Mission
Our Purpose
To rekindle hope and healing for our patients, recognizing that not all wounds are visible. We are dedicated to addressing common, disabling, and costly behavioral health problems through a collaborative approach.

At Charis Mental Health + Integrative Care, our mission is to holistically enhance mental health and overall well-being. Our practice delivers compassionate, patient, kind and loving care across the lifespan and course from health protection, promotion and disease prevention to diagnosis, treatment and disease management.
Our Approach
Integrated Care: We blend behavioral health services seamlessly with general and specialty medical services and alternative medicine. By treating both mental and physical needs, we aim to achieve improved patient outcomes and satisfaction at a lower cost. Our integrative psychiatric services aim to improve access to mental health care and the whole health of our patients; thus, enhance equity and focus on the patient’s overall well-being. 
Patient-Centered Decision-Making: We involve both patients and clinicians in creating personalized integrated care plans that align with patient needs, values, and preferences.Special Populations: We adapt the Collaborative Care Model to treat specific populations, ensuring equitable access to mental health services.
Technological advances utilized in our practice will afford patients ease in appointment scheduling, improved communication, eliminate burdensome, excessive and redundant paperwork and quality office visit.   

Cash-Based Care: Charis Mental Health + Integrative Care does not participate with insurance plans. Existing fee-for-service payment systems are ill aligned with and seriously inadequate to support integrated care. Often, specialized testing and treatments are deemed as “unnecessary” or “unproven.” A cash-based care allows providers to offer additional care beyond those reimbursed by many insurance plans.  
Why Choose Us?
✓ Expertise in mental health and collaborative care ✓ Compassionate and evidence-based approach
✓ Commitment to healing the unseen
✓ Destigmatizing care judgment free care. Staff embody key principles such as "love your neighbor as yourself" and use them to guide their daily practice.
✓ Our integrated care service is based on six key principles: based on research evidence, measurement based, team based, population based, patient centered and accountable.
✓ We develop comprehensive plans with each patient to address both acute symptoms and long-term goals.
✓ Individualized, personalized care has been demonstrated to be effective.
✓ Our cash-based approach will better allow providers to answer questions such as: Why my medicine isn’t working? How much should I sleep? Why do I keep gaining weight and can’t lose it? What food should I eat or avoid eating? How much should I exercise and type? What supplements should I take that will help and not interact with my other medicine? Should I take hormone replacement therapy?

Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach, VA 23454
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